Getting Started

  1. Register for an account here:
  2. Enable detailed logging with MTG Arena:
    1. Click the "Options" gear (top right)
    2. Click "View Account" (bottom left)
    3. Check "Detailed Logs (Plugin Support)"
    4. Restart MTG Arena
  3. Install the client that will upload your logs:
    Download and run setup.exe from the Github page
    • Windows Defender or your antivirus software may initially prevent installation or running. Simply click "More Info", "Run Anyway", etc. to allow it to continue.
    • If needed, you may also be prompted to install the ".NET Framework". This Microsoft software is needed for the application to run.
    • From time to time, the software will prompt you to download updates, and you may need to go through similar steps again.
    • If you minimize the application, it will hide in your system tray (usually on the bottom right) but continue to run in the background. You can double click on the icon to open the app and see that it's making progress.
    Download and run from the Github page. Follow the "Advanced Usage" instructions on that page.
  4. Upon first running the program, you'll be prompted to locate your MTGA log file and client token
    • The log file is usually at C:/users/{username}/AppData/LocalLow/Wizards Of The Coast/MTGA/output_log.txt. If you can't find the log file, try pasting the following into the file browser: %userprofile%\appdata\locallow\Wizards Of The Coast\MTGA as highlighted in pink here:
    • Your token is on your account page
    After making any changes, you may need to click the "Start Parsing" button to start the tracking.
  5. Visit your user page after you've played to see your aggregated drafts. Any new information you've logged should be reflected within 10 minutes.