Frequently Asked Questions

Multiple Accounts / Computers

Does 17Lands handle multiple Arena accounts?

Yes! The tracker should properly distinguish between the different accounts just fine. It will currently all show up in one feed on your user page, but even if you do half of a draft of one account then switch to the other, they should be tracked properly. There is a dropdown to select accounts on the collections page, as those are tracked separately as well.

Can I use 17Lands on two computers for the same account?

Yes! As long as you have the 17Lands software always running in the background (or are very careful to run it before switching computers), using the same account across multiple computers should be no problem.

Data Discrepancies

Why do the game and match records differ on my user page even when filtering for Bo1?

This occurs because some of your games weren't reported correctly. The match record gets corrected when the end-of-event log is generated by Arena, which contains the full match record (but not game record). However, we try to make things as generic as possible across different formats to let us iterate on things faster, and we can't infer game record from match record because of Bo3. For example, in Bo3 if you were 2-1, we don't know if your game record was 4-2, 5-3, or 6-4.

Missing Data

I installed and ran the tracker. Why isn't all my data showing up on the site?

The log files we need get cleared every time Arena starts, so we can only go back as far as your most recent Arena session. If you've done drafts since installing 17Lands and still aren't seeing any data, please try the following troubleshooting steps before reaching out for help:

I forgot to run the tracker for my last draft so the data isn't showing up. Does 17Lands support manual entry / editing of data?

That's not something we support currently.


Can I use 17Lands data in my articles or other content?

Yes, but please see our usage guidelines for more detail.

Do you have a Twitter account?

Yes! You can follow us @17Lands