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The mission of 17Lands is to help the Magic: The Gathering community improve at limited. We aggregate and openly share data to help players understand their own performance, to generate insights that can only come from a larger communal pool of data, and to provide data-driven content.

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The 17Lands tracker automatically aggregates all your draft picks and the decks you've played into an easy-to-share format. Share the links to your drafts with friends to get feedback on what you should have picked, or send them links to your decklists to show off when you go undefeated! A lot of the analytics are also available even if you don't have an account! Here are some screenshots of what you can do:

Mock Draft

Do practice drafts on the site against models trained on real data.

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Personal Records

Track your own personal draft and sealed events, broken down by set and format.

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Game Replays

See what actions you took in any of your games. Share the link with pros for feedback.

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Card Statistics

Check in on the community's pick order for any set and see what cards are winning.

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Draft Replays

Visualize your draft and track what others took. Share the link with friends for feedback.

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See who is leading the way in most wins, most trophies, win rate, etc.

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